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BME Associates Names Three New ShareholdersNew Shareholders


BME Associates welcomes Patrick Trudeau, Justin Freida and James Cretekos as new shareholders of the firm.


The new owners join Peter Vars, P.E., Doug Eldred, P.E,  Robert Cantwell, R.L.A., David Zacharias, L.S, Gregg Bell, L.S., Andrew Spencer, R.L.A., Linc Swedrock, P.E., Mike Simon, Martin Janda, Andrew Moroz, Thomas Danks, Mike Bogojevski, and Bill Collins as current owners of BME Associates.


These appointments are strong additions to the ownership group which now has an even broader range of skills and expertise covering all aspects of land planning, site development, land surveying and project management.


 “These new shareholders share a vision for the future of BME and have earned ownership in the firm through hard work, determination and demonstrated professional skills,” said BME President Peter Vars, “I know they will be great leaders for the company going forward and as shareholders, these professionals will guide the firm into the future.”


Pat Trudeau has been with BME Associates for 25 years and has held positions with responsibilities in survey, information technology and construction services. Pat’s all around knowledge has been a tremendous benefit to BME Associates as a problem solver over his time here. 


Justin Freida joined BME Associates in 2005 as a land surveyor and serves as a survey crew chief. He has experience in mortgage surveys, ALTA surveys, construction stakeout, and data mapping & analysis, and incorporates his diligent work ethic and dedication in every project.


James Cretekos joined BME Associates in 2011 as a design engineer and has excelled in his role here. James has taken on primary responsibility for some very visible projects with long term and dedicated clients. James’s work ethic and desire to excel has been a fantastic addition to the BME ownership team.

Efficiency in On-site Project Viewing


BME Associates would be pleased to help you facilitate on-site viewing of project lot information utilizing your tablets and/or smart phones. We can coordinate your project layout as an overlay to Google Earth allowing you to easily visualize your specific location as you walk or drive the site; this will greatly assist prospective home buyers with lot selection. 

Contact Dave Zacharias or your Project Manager for more information.