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BME is Committed to Leadership Training

As we strive to help our employees reach their highest potential, Tom Danks, Linc Swedrock & Andrew Spencer recently completed an intense 3 day @DaleCarnegieROC training workshop. They are more energized than ever to bring added value to your projects with improved communication skills, problem solving and leadership.


During the workshop, Andrew was recognized by his peers with the Human Relations award for his leadership and effort. Congratulations to Andy.


Efficiency in On-site Project Viewing


BME Associates would be pleased to help you facilitate on-site viewing of project lot information utilizing your tablets and/or smart phones. We can coordinate your project layout as an overlay to Google Earth allowing you to easily visualize your specific location as you walk or drive the site; this will greatly assist prospective home buyers with lot selection. 

Contact Dave Zacharias or your Project Manager for more information.



Tom Danks
Tom Danks

Linc Swedrock

Linc Swedrock

Andrew Spencer

Andrew Spencer


Kyle Mott was recently selected by the town of Springwater Planning Board and Town Board to serve on the Comprehensive Plan Steering Committee. Congratulations to Kyle!


BME Associates takes great pride in the extra time and effort our employees spend in their personal lives in an effort to improve their home towns, their professional experiences, and their ability to better serve our clients.